Exhibition room

Résonances. Eugénie Alméras – Jean-Jacques Henner 

16 May 2017 – 4 September 2018

Eugénie Alméras was born in 1988. From 2009 to 2014, she studied at the Beaux-Arts School in Paris where she graduated in 2014, after a year at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. She was the second artist invited to the museum, and painted in the office-workshop overlooking the winter garden between September 2017 and May 2018. Her works are shown next to Jean-Jacques Henner’s in the various rooms of the museum, creating true resonances between their two worlds.

The resonance takes all its meaning in the drawing room, which allows you to compare the preparatory works of Eugenie Alméras (drawings, photographs, Photoshop montages...) and drawings by Jean-Jacques Henner that she selected in the reserves of the museum.


Previous exhibitions

Jean-Jacques Henner’s Alsace 

6 September 2017 – 8 January 2018

About twenty drawings and photographs, most of them never shown before, illustrate Jean-Jacques Henner's special link to his home region. You can discover touching depictions of his native village Bernwiller and its inhabitants, as well as landscapes that are not so idyllic. You can also see drawings after his famous painting L’Alsace. Elle attend.

Henner's literary inspiration 

7 September – 5 December 2016

This presentation links drawings and excerpts of literary works that Jean-Jacques Henner owned in his library (Ovide, Virgile, Chateaubriand…). You will be able to better understand how Henner was inspired by literature but also how he reinterpreted it in a very personal manner.

In Henner’s studio – Idyll or Eclogue?

7 September – 5 December 2016

Through a selection of drawings by Jean-Jacques Henner, chosen from the 987 in the deposit collection held by the museum, discover the building blocks of this important part of the painter’s work: from quick sketches depicting the attitude of a model or expressing an idea that was not further developed, to finished studies put in a grid to be enlarged on canvas, as well as drawings for the press. To illustrate Henner's use of drawing, you can discover a selection around the theme of "Idyll" sketched on a diversity of paper.

In Henner’s studio: A selection of drawings 

21 May – 21 August 2016

Three different themes are developed: In the artist’s studio – Techniques for drawing using black – Unusual media