Submitted on 12 March 2020

11 mars 2020 – 22 mars 2020

Twelve days of concerts, readings, conferences, workshops, exhibitions and visits.

Submitted on 12 March 2020

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the museum is closed. 

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Submitted on 28 October 2019

Du 6 novembre 2019 au 10 février 2020, à l'occasion d'un dépôt privé, le musée présente sa nouvelle exposition-dossier "Saint Martin. Un tableau inédit de Jean-Jacques Henner". 

Exposition comprise dans le billet d'entrée du musée. 

Submitted on 28 October 2019

Jusqu'au 4 novembre vous pourrez découvrir dans le jardin d'hiver du musée l'exposition des travaux d'élèves de l'école élémentaire Championnet (Paris 18e). 

En s'inspirant des tableaux de Jean-Jacques Henner ils ont livré leurs visions du paysage et du portrait.

Submitted on 14 January 2019

Due to set up of " Roux ! From Jean-Jacques Henner to Sonia Rykiel" exhibition, museum will exceptionally be closed from 14th to 29th january 2019. We apologise for the inconvenience. 

Submitted on 6 December 2018

From January 30 to May 20, 2019, the Jean-Jacques Henner museum dedicates a temporary exhibition to red hair, which is a famous aspect of Henner's painting. 

Submitted on 17 June 2016

« Singing/Musical fragments/Requiem 
Three legends mirrored by paintings »

To listen to the three programmes one after the other, there are three possible times: 14h, 14h45 and 15h45.

Submitted on 9 May 2018

⚠ The museum will exceptionaly closed to visitors the 14th may 2018 because of the installation of the "Résonances - Eugénie Alméras/Jean-Jacques Henner" exhibition (opening the 16th may 2018).  

Submitted on 4 May 2016

Looking back on two years of renovations:
2016 will be remember as an important milestone in the history of the museum.
Marie-Cécile Forest, director of the Jean-Jacques Henner Museum

Submitted on 3 March 2016

Discover the museum's latest acquisition: an ink drawing by Jean-Jacques Henner of Saint Jerome.  

Submitted on 17 August 2015

The Henner Museum is closed for renovations until May 2016. Works include the transformation of the reception area and the installation of a new glass roof in the winter garden. They will soon be open to the public as well as the “column lounge”. A new storeroom and workshop are also being constructed.

Submitted on 14 August 2015

In December 2001 the discovery of the undamaged original mosaic floor under the concrete flooring of the winter garden, would lead to a revision of the museum’s renovation plans.