The Collections

The museum houses the biggest collection of works by Jean-Jacques Henner from his early days in Alsace to his stay at the Villa Medici in Rome, and his final years in Paris. This includes paintings depicting historical, religious and mythological subjects, as well as landscapes of Alsace and Italy, portraits, scenes from everyday life and still-life.    

Not only does the collection allow visitors to follow the artist’s development over the years but also help understand his different techniques through many preparatory works - including sketches, drawings and tracings used to transfer images - and replicas.

In addition to the 1923 original donation, many gifts, donations and bequests have been added over the years. The Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay have made several long-term loans including Saint Sebastian and Solitude.

Henner did not own a big art collection, but the museum does hold his paintings, sculptures and drawings by Paul Dubois, Adolphe Monticelli, Félix Trutat, Antoine Vollon, François Joseph Heim and Jean and Many Benner. 

Also on display are furniture and other items that belonged to the painter, such as his painting material, his Academician’s costume, and many letters, photographs and documents which can be consulted by researchers on request.

More than 2,200 works of art and objects are on display.