Artists in residence

Eugénie Alméras 

Artist-in-residence from September to November 2017

Eugénie Alméras was born in 1988. From 2009 to 2014, she studied at the Beaux-Arts de Paris where she got her diploma in 2014, after a year at the Arts University in Hambourg. Her work, mainly figurative, evolves above all around portraits. In parallel, she works on "Les Refuges", a series of landscapes painted in acrylic, which depict a phantomatic universe influenced by classical painting.

Eugénie Alméras works from photographs, magazines, but also personal archives, anonymous photographs and reproductions of religious paintings. Her palette mixes brown, red and blue tones, inspired by the expressionist tradition, red being her preferred colour.

For her new paintings – working with sketchbooks, drawings and various iconographic research – Eugénie Alméras will put masculine nudity in a contemporary context. What male equivalent is there to the term "muse"? She will revisit this subject through her vision of nudity and that of her time, facing the voluptuousness and mystery of Jean-Jacques Henner's naked red-haired women.

Christelle Téa

Artist-in-residence from September to November 2016
Exhibition from 17 May to 3 July 2017

Christelle Téa's work evolves around India ink drawings and has the particularity to be rendered directly on paper, without preparatory sketches nor later corrections.

For three months Christelle Téa followed the everyday life of the museum: its staff, its activities, its space. Her observations resulted in three big series of portraits, with a total of about thirty drawings on Canson paper (65 x 50 cm and 24 x 30,5 cm). In the portraits of the personnel: if the profession is not necessarily identifiable, some symbolic details give some indication – you will see a piano for the cultural manager, or the entrance desk for the cashier. The portraits of activities recount with humour what Christelle Téa has heard during the concerts or in the art classes. Finally, the portraits of the museum space capture the detail of the big staircase or the peculiar ambience of the Atelier Gris.

These touching testimonies by a young artist of the 21st century, of a museum of another era, reconnect with the initial function of the space – the studio-residence.


Eugénie Alméras, Nu. La Vérité, 2017<br>Huile sur toile, 60 × 120 cm © Julie Obadia
Art is more important than Math (autoportrait), 2016